True Cloud

Computing Made Simple Faster Secure Resilient Flexible Compliant OnPremise

True Cloud

Computing Made Simple Faster Secure Resilient Flexible Compliant OnPremise

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With 4 datacenters across the US plus 3 datacenters located in Amsterdam, Djibouti and Montreal we provide you with all the tools needed to make your business run as smooth as possible.


Our business continuity depends on 100% network reliability, which can be difficult and expensive to maintain in a private datacenter environment.


VPSie gives its clients the flexibility to choose between different billing plans, based on their needs. We support Credit Card and PayPal payment methods.


Taking advantage of the recent proliferation of pre-made built-in apps, we help you improve productivity by enabling you to deploy a variety of these apps – like cPanel, LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP are all installed), gitlab, WordPress, ClearOS , Debian, etc. 


VPSie knows how important it is for businesses to run as smoothly as possible, with no major bumps along the road. With that being said, our datacenters are resilient and up to every modern operational challenge.


Public Cloud Solution, is our premium additional network security offering that protects your resources from the Public facing side. Find out today how you can benefit from such a service.

Supported MarketPlace Apps

With speeds up to 16x quicker than typical web hosting providers, our web hosting platform has been completely optimized to guarantee the best performance for your websites.

A great number of amazing apps with great features for you to start your business immediately! 

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