RadioShack Officially Goes Bankrupt -- Effect of ecommerece shopping

  • The slow, painful death of a retail icon

    Yesterday, RadioShack officially filed for bankruptcy, a move that was plans and rumors up until this point. This is pretty much a killing blow as RadioShack plans to sell up to 2,400 of its stores in the United States.

    Now, RadioShack is like a rotting corpse being pulled apart by zombie corporations. Amazon has plans to snatch up some of the stores to give a massive boost to its brick-and-mortar presence and Sprint will keep a small shell of RadioShack alive in its own stores with Sprint selling its service and RadioShack providing all the parts and accessories.

    It's a sad fate for sure, but one that's seemed inevitable considering the online boom of the last decade. To quote a now soul-crushing 2014 Super Bowl commercial, the 80s wants its store back. Maybe it's best to remember the store in its glory rather than its downfall.