Control Panel Manual Internet Gateways: Note : It costs 5 dollar Here you can create an internet gateway that provides on-demand outbound secure internet access to your VPSie that doesn’t have a public IP configured or enabled as follows: Create […]

Control Panel Manual PTR : PTR (Reverse DNS) is needed so that mail servers can check the ip address from where the the e-mail is coming against the hostname which is set in the emails headers. This is a very […]

Control Panel Manual Managed DB : Note : This feature is available by invitation only! Here you can Create managed DB cluster as follows : Choose a datacenter region: Select one data center in which you want your Managed DB […]

Control Panel Manual Kubernetes : Note : This feature is available by invitation only! Here you can create a kubernetes cluster and this will help you to cluster together groups of hosts running Linux containers, and it also helps you […]

Control Panel Manual PCS : Note : This feature is available by invitation only! Here you can enable and manage Private Cloud Solution (PCS) and it is a cutting edge solution to fill the gap between public and private networks […]

Control Panel Manual Tickertape : Tickertape is a very useful feature being able to emphasize real-time information. It will present events and maintenance notifications designed to be understood at a glance. This area is to keep you up to date […]

Control Panel Manual Search : Here you can use our search option for better usability, So you can find things more quickly. This option will narrow the scope of a search query to eliminate irrelevant information to help you find […]

Control Panel Manual Project : Here you can create and manage your Projects as follows: Create Projects : You can simply create Projects by clicking on the “Create a New Project” blue button and write down the Project name and […]

Control Panel – Manual DNS :  Here you can Add and Manage domain as follows:   Add Domain: Here you can provide a domain name, select the VPSie’s IP from the drop-down menu and add tags then click the Add […]

Control Panel Manual Favorite Links:   Favorite link is a type of pining your favorite locations, so that it is easy to access your Favorite locations with a click rather than having to go there manually, VPSie allows you to […]